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Daryl Bennett


Fantom KPI Dashboard Fall 2016

Dynamic graphical view of mechanical system data stored in SkySpark. Used Google Charts JS API to create graphs. Wrote a Fantom Server to handle HTTP requests, call the SkySpark API to get data for graphs, and dynamically create inline HTML and JS to return to client. Wrote Axon Script within SkySpark project to collect and format the data. Compatible with Windows and Linux.

Fanton, Axon, JavaScript, SkySpark, Google Charts, Ubuntu, AWS

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Machine Learning Fall 2016

Applied machine learning techniques on mechanical eqipment data that was exported from several SkySpark Projects to classify whether or not the equipment was experiencing issues. Used algorithms such as ID3 Decision Tree, Perceptron, Winnow, SVM, and Logistic Regression.

Axon, SkySpark, Excel VBA, Java, Python

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AR/VR Suite Spring 2016

AR Suite explored the various applications of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) as they related to entertainment and educational usage.

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C#, Unity3D

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Musical Search Engine Spring 2016

A Web Client that accepts MIDI keyboard input and sends API request to central server, and returns a list of results with a melody similar to user input. Uses data mining techniques such as k-grams, Jaccard Similarity, Bags of Words, Cosine Distance, and clustering.

Java, Data Mining, SQL Lite

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Music Based Authentication Fall 2015

A group project that explored the questions, would music based password be secure and would it be easier to remember? Implementation created in Python, has a working keyboard MIDI interface, and built in keyboard computer GUI.

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Python, Diffie-Helman, SSL

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RESTful API Server Spring 2014

A WAMP instance configured to be RESTful. Created an API using a PHP server and MYSQL for the data. Sends JSON data. Created to be used by Android App.

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E-Commerce Site Spring 2014

This was an assignment for my Database class. Our purpose was to create a dynamic website that uses MYSQL to store data. I went above and beyond and added many features and made the user interface very attractive. JSP, javascript, and Bootstrap were used.

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Eighth Day Summer 2016

An example of my ability to design an attractive, scaleable, and functional product for a brand. (A rock band in this example)

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